Who We Are

Over 40 years since our founding in 1974, we have successfully completed numerous landmark and prestigious projects and established a strong reputation for design and technical excellence.

Kemasepakat Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian firm of Consulting Engineers with majority Bumiputra shareholding providing services in Civil and Structural Engineering disciplines.

The firm is fully Malaysian owned, and is managed entirely by Malaysian professional engineers. The firm utilizes the services of Senior Malaysian professional staff to the optimum in its project accomplishment and is able, as required on a project-to-project basis, to draw upon the resources of foreign associates in executing projects requiring specialized expertise, with respect to staffing,


Kemasepakat Sdn Bhd, a civil and Structural Engineering firm, was originally established as Kejuruteraan Maju Sekitar Sdn Bhd (Kemas Konsult) in 1974. The predecessor company has been restructured in 1983 into a wholly Malaysian owned company with majority Bumiputra shareholding providing local professional engineers better opportunities in equity participation and project management.


Our philosophy is – to provide and deliver quality engineering consultancy service working towards environmental preservation in a conducive, safe and healthy environment – the results are significant cost, efficiency and risk improvements on our client’s projects.

Hj. Hussein Bin Hj. Abdul Razak


Ir. Hj. Hussein Bin Abdul Razak graduated from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland in 1970 with a degree in Civil Engineering and he has 49 years of professional experience in various disciplines. He has been involved in highway design, in the design of wharves, slipway, breakwater, other marine works as well as other infrastructure project development. He is registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, Institution of Engineers Malaysia and Association of Consulting Engineers, Malaysia.

Aw Kha Ching

Executive Director

Ir. Aw Kha Ching graduated from the University of Malaya with degree in Civil Engineering in 1979. He has 40 years of engineering experience and is registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, Institution of Engineers Malaysia and Association of Consulting Engineers, Malaysia. Ir. Aw specializes in civil engineering and infrastructural works and had led the project team in planning the study and details engineering design for several large land tract mixed development projects, with some covering more than a thousand acres in land area. His area of specialization includes earthwork platform, drainage infrastructure, water supply, sewerage, roads and highways from conceptual to their final construction implementation. Ir. Aw assumes the role as Project Director for major projects undertaken by the firm in providing technical expertise, project direction, formulation of work strategy and financial management.

Kwang Eau Quan


Ir. Kwang Eau Quan graduated from the University of Malaya in 1975 and has over 40 years experience in civil and structural engineering design and supervision works. A professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, he has also a diploma in Business Administration awarded by the University of Malaya in 1979. Ir. Kwang specializes in structural frame analysis using various established structural design softwares for medium to highrise buildings, stadium factories, wide span steel portal frames and foundation system. Todate, Ir. Kwang has completed the structural design for many buildings such as the Bank of Ceylon in Sri Lanka, Hotel Istana, UBN Tower, Kelana Stadium, Ara Hospital, The New Palace at Jalan Duta, Emerald Avenue Selayang, Ministry of Transport Putrajaya, Waterfront Commercial Development Putrajaya, to name a few in his credentials.

Zulkifli Mohd Noor


Ir. Zulkifli B. Mohd Noor graduated from the Institut Teknologi Mara in 1995 and has over 22 years experienced in civil and structural engineering design and supervision works. He is a registered Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia. Todate, Ir. Zulkifli B. Mohd Noor has completed the structural design for many buildings such as the Menara I&P, Hotel Sri Malaysia Kepala Batas, Hotel in Telok Bahang, New Palace at Jalan Duta, 8 Petaling, Sierramas Heights, Sierramas and Valencia in Sg. Buloh to name a few. He is also responsible for project UDA Legasi Kg. Bharu KL, Transit Oriented Development @Precinct 7 Putrajaya and Office Tower at Lot 61 Bangsar.

Wong Chee Loong


With the firm since 2002, Ir. Wong has more than 23 years of experience in the structural engineering of a wide variety of building types. He specializes in high-rise buildings, long span & column-free spaces and optimization of structural systems. Ir. Wong also has extensive experience in the design of foundation works, as well as deep basement structures. He is renown for collaborating with the architects and design team to achieve their design intent while enhancing structural efficiency and integrity. Ir. Wong holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) from University of Malaya. He is a Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia and a Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia.

The services offered by Kemasepakat Sdn Bhd include:

  • Civil Engineering

  • Structural Engineering

  • Soils & Foundation Engineering

  • Highway and Traffic Engineering

  • Water Resources, Supply and Treatment System Development

  • Groundwater and Irrigation Development

  • Sewerage Engineering

  • Township and Land use Development

  • Commercial and Industrial Project Development

The firm jointly with her associated firms, is also able to provide the following services:

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Fire Protection Systems

  • Process Engineering for Palm Oil Mills and Rice Mills

  • Railway Engineering

  • Ports and Harbour Planning and Development

  • Airport Planning and Development

  • Industrial Waste Collection, Treatment and Disposal

The scope of services offered ranges from pre-feasibility study stage through project implementation,

  • Project Management

  • Feasibility Studies, Investigations and Reports

  • Pre-investment Project Planning and Evaluation

  • Design and preparation of Contract Drawings and Documents

  • Calling and Evaluation of Tenders

  • Construction Management and Supervision

  • Project Appraisal

  • Value Engineering and Alternative Design

  • Engineering Audit & Review

  • Maintenance Studies

“maximize performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth”
“WE use standards to fine-tune our performance and manage the risks we face while operating in more efficient and sustainable ways”

Kemasepakat Sdn Bhd is registered with The Board of Engineers Malaysia and Ministry of Finance Malaysia.
A Member of ACEM panel of Consulting Firms, We also have been accredited under

SO 9001:2015 Certification (Quality Management Systems)
ISO 14001:2015 2004 (Environmental Management Systems)
OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) &
MS 1722 : 2011 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).

Computer Aided Design is a basic tool needed for today’s modern design office to handle complex engineering problems in order to derive an economic solution from iterative option design analysis. In line with the advent of computer era, Kemasepakat has thus invested substantially on an array of computer hardware and Civil and Structural Engineering software packages. Our inventory is capable of providing a speedy and comprehensive service to the land development and building industries.

Our design office practice is virtually computerized. We consider multiple design alternatives in our design process and complete the projects on time and in budget. All analysis and design works are carried out by selected reliable licensed international engineering software packages and drawings are produced through Autocad and Revit software, the most commonly used drafting package today. Starting from 2016, Kemasepakat now uses Revit exclusively for modelling structures from concept through to detailed design.

Programs in use include:


Road Design System

LoopWinPlus 3.10

Water Reticulation Analysis and Design Software


Rainfall IDF, On-Site Detention(OSD), Detention Pond, Sediment Basin and Rainwater Harvesting Analysis, Design and Detailing software


Sewerage Analysis, Design and Detailing software


3D Structural Analysis and Design Software


Structural Design Software for Buildings


Integrated analysis, design and automatic detailing software for concrete buildings

Tekla Structural Designer

Fully Integrated Analysis and Design Solution for Building Systems

PROTA Software

ntegrated Analysis and Design Solution for Building Systems


Integrated modeling, design, analysis and costing solution for reinforced concrete structure


Revit 2018